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When people hear the word grisly usually it is associated with something bad; likely one of the first things that may come to your mind for instance would be a grisly series of murders; possibly like the ones that the infamous and supposedly Jack the Ripper was responsible for committing. (He was known by other names) Everyone has to know about Prague’s Jack the Ripper; he was a man who never was identified and rumored to have been a serial killer who was active in the Whitechapel district and other poverty stricken areas around it late in the eighteenth century. (1888) If you enjoy using the services of Escort on occasion you should book them from Playful Escorts to assure that you never have a grisly experience.

Jack got his name from a letter that was written by someone supposedly claiming to be the killer although others believe it was just a media stunt to boot publicity and bring more attention and interest to the case and increase distribution and circulation of newspapers. (Anything to make a pound or two… even back then… HA!) Whitechapel was not very pretty place in the 1880´s. Around 75,000 or more residents lived there in severe poverty conditions that were crime ridden with drugs, alcoholism, prostitution and violence.

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